Thursday, September 4, 2008

Detective Comics 848

Heart of Hush
Writer: Paul Dini
Pencils: Dustin Nguyen

WOW. Thats all I really have to say after reading this issue. The hush story line just continues to develope amazingly. When I first read rumors about Hush returning I thought this was going to be another Return of Hush mess like the last one. Luckily I was wrong. Hush keeps his promise in this issue that he would strike Batman at a distance. Oh and its good. He doesn't go after someone like Robing or Nightwing. He strikes at the heart. Litterally. He goes after Selina Kyle. After a little scuffel with Hush Selina manages to scratch his bandages away to get a clean shot at the face. When she rips them off all she can say is "No you can't be...." While this all is going on Scarecrow has kidnapped an orphan and has him hidden in a cave somewhere. So Batman goes there unaware to what is going on with Selina. To save the kid. Scarecrow says that his associate says that Batman was in a prediciment like the child. So now Scarecrow knows that Batman too was once an orphan. Oh by the way Scarecrow hooked the kid up with venom and scare gas. The kid is also very afraid of bats. So he goes after Batman, but of course Batman finds a way out of it. After finishing up with Scarecrow Batman recieves a call from Oracle. An ambulance just dropped Selina off at the hospitle. Batman rushes there to find commish. Gordon standing outside the Intensive care unit. He says that she is still alive, but Hush took her heart (literally).

Thats how it ends. An amazing issue, an amazing storyline. I have been very pleased with the way it is being written. I highly recomend this to everybody

--Black lanten

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