Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nightwing 148

The Great Leap part 2
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Pencils: Rags Morales

Nightwing is still trying to save Carol. He gets her to one of Batman's safe houses and leaves her there promising he will be back soon. He takes his glider back to the batcave to get some medical attention from none other than Alfred. Alfred starts operating immediately. He removes a bullet from Nightwing's shoulder. While on the operating table Dick asks Alfred if batman is really gone. Alfred says he believes he is this time. Dick finally goes to sleep with Alfred sitting by his bed. Later Alfred wakes up with a note in his hand and Dick taking off on a motorcycle. Nightwing moves Carol to yet another safe house. This one is in New York City though. It has everything she needs to survive. Bulletproof windows, doors, ect. Stocked fridges and freezers, HBO, and last but not least an insanely powerful taser gun. As he is about to leave her phone rings and she answers it. Nightwing quickly grabs it and hangs up telling her that she could be traced with GPS if she uses her phone. Luckily Nightwing has a chip that will prevent it from being tracked and puts it in her phone which rings again. She is given the go ahead to answer it and is shocked to find Two Face on the other end. He was just checking to make sure that she was still safe. Nighwing leaves after Carol and Two Face are done talking. He hasn't been gone for very long when an alarm is set off at the safe house that Carol is at. At the same time Alfred calls in and informs Nightwing that the bullets he was shot with are laced with fear toxin. Nighwing decides to head back and save Carol instead of worry about the fear toxin. He breaks through the window to find a room full of villians waiting for him.

Thats all that was in this issue. I've enjoyed this seeing how Nighwing and Twoface CAN get along. But better yet next issue is going to be sweet with all those villians teaming up against Nighwing.

--Black Lantern

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