Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nightwing 148

The Great Leap part 2
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Pencils: Rags Morales

Nightwing is still trying to save Carol. He gets her to one of Batman's safe houses and leaves her there promising he will be back soon. He takes his glider back to the batcave to get some medical attention from none other than Alfred. Alfred starts operating immediately. He removes a bullet from Nightwing's shoulder. While on the operating table Dick asks Alfred if batman is really gone. Alfred says he believes he is this time. Dick finally goes to sleep with Alfred sitting by his bed. Later Alfred wakes up with a note in his hand and Dick taking off on a motorcycle. Nightwing moves Carol to yet another safe house. This one is in New York City though. It has everything she needs to survive. Bulletproof windows, doors, ect. Stocked fridges and freezers, HBO, and last but not least an insanely powerful taser gun. As he is about to leave her phone rings and she answers it. Nightwing quickly grabs it and hangs up telling her that she could be traced with GPS if she uses her phone. Luckily Nightwing has a chip that will prevent it from being tracked and puts it in her phone which rings again. She is given the go ahead to answer it and is shocked to find Two Face on the other end. He was just checking to make sure that she was still safe. Nighwing leaves after Carol and Two Face are done talking. He hasn't been gone for very long when an alarm is set off at the safe house that Carol is at. At the same time Alfred calls in and informs Nightwing that the bullets he was shot with are laced with fear toxin. Nighwing decides to head back and save Carol instead of worry about the fear toxin. He breaks through the window to find a room full of villians waiting for him.

Thats all that was in this issue. I've enjoyed this seeing how Nighwing and Twoface CAN get along. But better yet next issue is going to be sweet with all those villians teaming up against Nighwing.

--Black Lantern

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Detective Comics 848

Heart of Hush
Writer: Paul Dini
Pencils: Dustin Nguyen

WOW. Thats all I really have to say after reading this issue. The hush story line just continues to develope amazingly. When I first read rumors about Hush returning I thought this was going to be another Return of Hush mess like the last one. Luckily I was wrong. Hush keeps his promise in this issue that he would strike Batman at a distance. Oh and its good. He doesn't go after someone like Robing or Nightwing. He strikes at the heart. Litterally. He goes after Selina Kyle. After a little scuffel with Hush Selina manages to scratch his bandages away to get a clean shot at the face. When she rips them off all she can say is "No you can't be...." While this all is going on Scarecrow has kidnapped an orphan and has him hidden in a cave somewhere. So Batman goes there unaware to what is going on with Selina. To save the kid. Scarecrow says that his associate says that Batman was in a prediciment like the child. So now Scarecrow knows that Batman too was once an orphan. Oh by the way Scarecrow hooked the kid up with venom and scare gas. The kid is also very afraid of bats. So he goes after Batman, but of course Batman finds a way out of it. After finishing up with Scarecrow Batman recieves a call from Oracle. An ambulance just dropped Selina off at the hospitle. Batman rushes there to find commish. Gordon standing outside the Intensive care unit. He says that she is still alive, but Hush took her heart (literally).

Thats how it ends. An amazing issue, an amazing storyline. I have been very pleased with the way it is being written. I highly recomend this to everybody

--Black lanten

Green Lantern 34

Secret Origin part 6
Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: Ivan Reis

I have found the Secret Origin run to be very good unlike some people. This issue shows what Hal was really like when he started out. The cocky arrogant angry man he was. And of all people Sinestro was there to help him along the way. In this issue you see a side of Sinestro that we've never seen before. The kind caring man he really is...or was. During Sinestro and Hal's battle well the end of the battle Hal creates a green plane and it runs straight through a yellow barrier and defeats the bad buy. Of course Sinestro doesn't believe him. Carol's father isn't really golfing at Pebble beach. He's sick and I'm assuming from the picture on his deathbed at his house. Carol said that after Hal's father died it tore him up inside. He couldn't get over the fact that he was actually gone. So Hal decides to stay with Carol for a while. Later he meets up with Sinestro and has a long discussion about his "anger issues." After a nice heart felt discussion about anger Sinestro and Hal decide to part ways. They shake hands and a message instantly comes from both rings that they have disobeyed teritorial edict and they should report to OA for disipline immediately. This is how the issue ends.

All in all i was pleased with this issue. The ending, in my oppinion, was the best part. I'm pretty excited for next months. I'm willing to bet thats when Sinestro goes crazy, but then again what do I know.

--Black Lantern