Monday, August 11, 2008



Quick Version:
Dead alien
crop circle matches up with a marking found by Calvin Carson's team
Barry Allen
Libra's mind control suit introduced
Lex Luthor threatened by Libra
No superman for 3 days
FLYING MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nah I'm just kidding)
Hal off to trial
All Star Squadron return?
and thats just the first half.

Long Version:
Wow I was lost for words after reading Final Crisis #3. So much is going on you need to read it a few times just to take everything in. I liked the the how Morrison used the Frankenstein monster in an opening battle with The Question. Jay returns with the news of seeing Barry alive. The three generations of the Flash were running after the bullet that killed Orion hoping to stop it in time. But it didn't work out as planned. They were running backwards through time in his slipstream, racing against death, thousand times faster than the speed of sound. Little fact here did you know that Death can't travel faster than the speed of light? Well you will after reading this book, or this review. Jay got out on the steam of the return curve. Mike Muller and Libra are having a nice conversation about the new suit that Libra has supplied for Mike. Libra has the anti-life equation being put through the helmets after Mike refused to put the helmet on Libra gives him a little help. Lex shows up and Libra makes him an offer. He can join mike with a helmet on his empty head OR renounce science and swear an oath on the crime bible. Superman hasn't been seen for three days due to the fact that Clark hasn't left Lois's side in the hospital after the accident at the Daily Planet. A mysterious lady shows up in Lois's hospital room and says she knows everything about Clark and she offers him one chance to saver her but they must leave the world before it's too late. Hal is being taken by the Alpha Lanterns to the guardians for trial. Allen makes a suggestion to start training an army. Something like the All Star Squadron!!! Orical is the now the "hub"of communications. Artical X aka superhero draft is put in place. Freddie Marvel is back. Supergirl recieves a letter telling her she's been drafted as does the Green Arrow. Wonder Woman has gone to Bludhaven to check things out. The atomic knights have been patrolling the walls on giant dalmations making sure nobody goes in. The do let Wonder Woman in and guess who she runs into? Mary Marvel...who admits to killing the people Wonderwoman finds hung. Mary and Wonder Woman get into a little fight and in the end Mary ends up infecting Wonder Woman with a virus and tells her she will be working for dark seid soon. Wally and Barry finally stop running and end up in an alley. Wally questions Barry if its really him and it is, but Barry can't figure out why he came back and Orion couldn't. And the last page has a scary lady saying superheros kill. I highly recomend this book if you haven't picked it up yet

--Black Lantern

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