Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hulk 4 (August 2008)

The good and the bad.

The rampage of the red Hulk continues as the red and green Hulks clash. In the tradition of of epic Hulk battles, many things get smashed. The red Hulk reveals his plan but does not say who he was before he became the Hulk. New evidence points the finger at a long time Hulk cast member. Only time will tell if it is really him.
I have mixed reviews of this series. On one hand, I really like most of the stories Jeph Loeb has written. He has done some classic Batman stories. I thought his Daredevil: Yellow was great. This series just does not have much of a story to it. It takes as long to read an issue of Grant Morrison's Batman as it does the first four issues of the Hulk.
Ed McGuinness's art is perfect for the Hulk. He does a great job with big battle scenes.

I do not know who is resposible but this series continues to run late. I would recommend waiting for the trade paperback to pick up this series. The storyline is ok with some surprises but it is disappointing overall.

Recommended(with some reservations).

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