Friday, July 25, 2008

Rogues' Revenge #1

A very fast pace issue with the return of the...well the title gives it away...The Rogues. Some of Flash's most fierce villains err well villains. Captain Cold still doesn't think highly of Libra and his society while mirror master feels different. When the rogues arrive back to their old hide out they find some young hooligans there. After a quick and by quick i mean like a three page battle its over. They quickly find out that they were the Trickster's gang. Unlike everybody else the Trickster is in good spirits since they killed the Flash. Captain Cold umm politely informs him that the game wasn't supposed to be won. Their number one rule is NEVER kill a speedster. After that the rogues have decided to turn their suits in and call it quits, but due to some events and the return of a major flash villain and reverse flash they decide to break their rule one last time. There is even a part with Libra in it. Just long enough for the Rogues to do the right thing and refuse to join his gang.

Once again Geoff Johns amazes me with his magnificent writing. Scott Kolins artwork also is a master piece. This is a must read for everybody. The way Johns portrays the Rogues as not really bad guys but dare I say good guys in this story. They even admit to being to greedy when accepting Inertia's offer at a shot at the Flash. Captain Cold makes the comment that they were going to hang up being super villains once the Bart became the Flash. He figured they had tangled with two flashes already and once the third one showed up they had had enough. I can't wait till issue 2 comes out next month. I have yet to be let down by any of the final crisis titles.


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Jim Black said...

I agree with your review. Good job, Black Lantern. Like you I am anxious for the next Final Crisis tie-in.