Thursday, July 3, 2008

Teen Titans 60 (August 2008)

Sean McKeever and Eddy Barrows have produced another great issue in their Teen Titans run.

"Time to Kill" is the concluding chapter to the first saga of the Terror Titans. From the initial fight between Kid Devil and Hardrock to the inevitable exit of a Teen Titan on the last page, this is classic Titans. McKeever/Barrows were fantastic choices to carry on the legacy of the other Titans creators.

Continuing the tradition established during Marv Wolfman's tenure, McKeever wraps up the main storyline but does not answer all of the reader's questions. It is the same style of storytelling used on the Wolfman/Perez Titans and the Claremont/Cockrum,Byrne, etc. X-Men.

Who is the Clock King?

Where did he get his powers?

Is there a connection between him and Ravager?

Is he connected to one of the New Gods(in light of Final Crisis series, it is a possibility)?

I have always enjoyed comics that tell a complete story but leave some mysteries unsolved.

Next issue looks interesting with the team-up of Blue Beetle and Kid Devil. I am curious where this book is heading now that this storyline is finished(for now). The upcoming Terror Titans mini-series should be interesting.

Based on the DC Nation page in the back, it looks like Kid Eternity is joining the group. So far, I have not heard who the two mystery Titans will be. It does look like Robin is not in the picture of the future line-up.

Highly recommended.

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